Tuna Salad with Parmesan Pretzel and BOGO Jamba Juice

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping at Sprouts and on my shopping list, I had to find an easy to make lunch for today! I thought about Tuna Salad since it`s very effortless yet delicious! I normally buy my canned Albacore Tuna from Trader Joe`s so I chose this Wild Planet 100% pure Wild Albacore Tuna. This tuna has no liquid or filters added, no BPA used in can lining, non GMO, no salt added and the tuna is wild caught! This was an extremely tiny can for $3.99.

What I used to make Tuna Salad?
- 1 can of Tuna
- Diced celery
- 3 packets of Mayo

1. Clean celery and dice finely
2. Open the canned tuna, place directly into bowl
3. Add celery into bowl of tuna and mix then gradually add mayo, and mix

Afterwards, I`m left with a whole lot of celery, so you could eat celery with ranch, peanut butter or just as is! Overall: I really enjoy this canned fish- tastes fresh and not fishy, I will definitely be repurchasing!

Originally, I was going to eat my tuna salad with wheat bread but my co-worker decided to take up on a BOGO deal at Jamba Juice and bought me Jamba Juice and a Parmesan Pretzel. I ate my lunch with the pretzel as the bread and boy does the combination of tuna salad and parmesan pretzel tastes delicious!

Jamba Juice BOGO Coupon - http://www.jambajuice.com/campaigns/labor-day-2014-bogo

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