Tuna Casserole WEgg Noodles

4 years ago

Tonight I made a tuna casserole for dinner. I strayed from the usual recipe I tend to use. I found one that sounded good and got good reviews online. The recipe I found called for:

-egg noodles
-dijon mustard
-cream of mushroom soup
-sliced mushrooms
-diced red bell pepper
-italian seasonings
-bread crumbs

I added in some salt and parmesan cheese

Basically, you boil the egg noodles. Then, you combine the 2nd-7th ingredients together. The last ingredients are combined together separately. Once the noodles are done boiling, you put them into the soup mixture, that goes into a baking dish, and you top it with the bread crumb mixture. I added the salt to the bread crumb mixture. Before I put down the bread crumb mixture, though, I sprinkled on the parmesan cheese.

This was good. It wasn`t what I expected. I don`t really know what I expected, just something more along the lines of the flavor mine gives, I suppose. It didn`t hit me until I ate my last bite what it tastes like, though. I knew something about it tasted familiar but couldn`t figure it out until the end. Something about it STRONGLY reminds me of the seafood stuffed mushrooms that Red Lobster serves at an appetizer. If you have had those, I think you`ll agree that this ends up being very reminiscent of that. Perhaps it was all of the mushrooms in this recipe combined with the Italian garlic seasoned bread crumbs I used. I`m thinking that was what it was. I won`t complain, though, because it was delicious.


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