Tulum- Mexican Ruins, Mexico

5 years ago

The pictures were taken when I went to Cancun August of 2011. I went with friends and decided to take the tours that were offered since we stayed for a week. The tours are kind of expensive and depending on which type of tour, it can go from $80 USD to $120 USD. What we did was we attended a seminar, WHICH I DON`T RECOMMEND YOU DO, because its going to waste a whole day of your vacation. But when you attend these seminars that offer you to buy timeshares, they`re going to give you a really cheap price for the tours, we got a really good deal, $100 for 5 different tours, which can total to more than $500USD if we paid per tour. This tour that I showed in the picture is the Mayan Ruins, you can see the history and culture of the people who used to live there. They also have a nice beach where tourist can go swim and enjoy but since we went August, they said that its jelly fish season and its not advisable to go in the water. Also, the turtles hatched their eggs so they try to protect the hatched egg from the tourist and closed the fence to the beach side. All in all, I liked the tour but I just hope there`s more rest areas since it is a very long tour (walk) and walking in a very hot weather doesn`t help.

* also don`t be surprised if you see iguanas walking beside you. they are EVERYWHERE. kinda scary but you get used to it by the end of the tour since they`re scattered all over the place and they are not in a cage or some sort.

my advise- wear tennis shoes or something comfortable because the ruins is about 20 mins walk, and once you get in, the tour is also done by a tour guide and some more walking. also since its close to the beach, some people spread out water by the stairs, and some of the stairs are made from limestone which get really slippery when wet.

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