Trying On Colored Jeans

Next, satisfy my new craving for colored bottoms.

Celebrity Pink
Have you heard of this brand before? I`d sooner have said nope, but then I realized I already own a pair of these jeans in a cobalt blue. That helped me decide to purchase a couple more pairs in other colors I`ve been wanting lately. They were on sale at Macy`s recently, which I had mentioned in this post. The main deciding factor that pushed my decision was the fact that they were on sale for $24.99 each and I used a $10 off code.
Well...they`re even cheaper now. -_- Oh well...I also purchased several pairs, as I was a little unsure of my size and knew I`d return at least one of them.
Celebrity Pink Jeans Juniors, Skinny Low Rise
Reg. $29.50, was $24.99
Now $22.99, & 20% off with Code: SAVE, which make each pair only $18.39 before tax and shipping.

Color: Baby Mint, sz. 0
Material: polyester/cotton blend - also kind of thin. In fact, it`s a little hard to believe these are denim material, lol.
Color: In my opinion, I think this `baby mint` leans a little more blue than minty green, especially when compared to the color shade on the website. Luckily for me, I prefer it that way.
Fit: At low rise of 7 inches and inseam of 31 inches, I think I`d prefer it if the rise were a little higher and the inseam a little shorter. But since these are skinny jeans, I think I`ll just fold them and tuck them under so as to avoid tailoring costs.
Will I keep these? I`m trying to decide between these and the ones below.

Color: Cloud, sz. 1
Material: same as above
Color: very sky blue - I think I like this shade better than the `baby mint` above.
Fit: These are a little looser. As you can see, there`s plenty of wrinkling around the crotch, knees, and a ton around the ankles, because they`re too long for me. But I think either size would be okay as long as I fold and tuck in the bottom of the jeans.
Deciding between these two light blue pants is a toss-up between color and fit. I kind of like the sz. 0 better, but I might prefer the Cloud color better.

Color: Pinot Noir, sz. 3
Material: same as above
Color: I love the wine shade, but I wish it were a little deeper and darker.
Fit: It`s funny that I thought these fit just like the pair in size 1. When I placed them on top of each other, they measure exactly the same. See pic below. These are just a little longer than the sz. 1. Again, it`d probably work out if I just fold them and tuck underneath. Right now, they look pretty unflattering.

actually, looks like the sz. 1 is a little wider than the 3, but just a tad shorter in length

I`m unsure if I want to keep the wine-colored jeans. Ideally, I`d like it if they were darker. I guess I could check out Old Navy`s selection again and see if they have any new colors. Plus the fit could be a little better. Oh how I wish I had longer legs. Well that ship has long sailed since I can`t have a growth spurt at my age.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading my rambles! Also, I`d really appreciate it if you could help me decide which ones to keep. Being indecisive is my downfall. =}

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