Trying a Ghost Pepper!

2 years ago

Im usually not a fan of spicy foods and in fact, I cant even tolerate much spicy foods above your average pepper so why I would be trying this extremely hot pepper, Im not sure to be honest! When it comes to spicy tolerance, my boyfriend can handle a lot more than me. Hes the type to put sirrach or add extra hotness to his meals. Originally I bought these dried ghost peppers for him to try, but I got curious and wanted to try it myself!

A Ghost Pepper, also known as Bhut Jolokia, is ranked #7 in the hottest peppers in the world, though many people believe it to be number 1. This pepper is popular and many people have actually filmed themselves eating it on youtube!!

The peppers I bought were the dried kind which were basically the same as the regular ones. When it came to trying the ghost pepper, my boyfriend went first. He ate the whole pepper in one bite and was crying out in pain a few seconds later. All I heard was cursing (haha) and lots of pacing around. We set out yogurt to help us and he went for that! According to him, this pepper was the hottest thing he ever had and that it would hurt as much coming out!!
For me, I kinda chickened out and took a small bite of the pepper. It wasnt that bad at first, but I felt the burn. I held it together and decided to give the whole pepper a try. I took one bite of it and cried out in pain. It hurt so much that I chose to just swallow the pepper whole! I didnt think it was too bad, but the PAIN one mentions that.

I was in soooo much pain after eating this pepper. Within an hour, my stomach began churning and major cramps came. I tried laying down, but after about half an hour, I had to throw up. I threw up and all I tasted coming up was the burning pepper. My throat was crying. It was even more painful than eating the pepper.. (probably because I didnt really bite it!) My pain wasnt over after throwing up though. I was still in a ridiculous amount of pain and could barely stand up. I decided to just go sleep it off. I literally slept for 15+hours that night!!!!! I woke up occasionally and felt pain. I couldnt do much besides drink milk and go back to sleep. I pretty much had my boyfriend take care of me that night since I was unable to move. I stayed in my bed for the most of the next day and ate some food. I knew that the pepper had to digest and come out for my pain to stop. It took the rest of the day, but by nighttime the next night, I began feeling like myself!

So lesson learned here- No more spicy foods or crazy food challenges. I was knocked out for almost 2 days because of this. My stomach was in a ridiculous amount of pain!!!

Have you ever tried a ghost pepper?
Do you enjoy spicy food?

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