True Lemon original Lemonade

4 years ago

I received this box of True Lemon Original Lemonade in my BBQ Cravebox. I had seen this online forever thanks to Hungry Girl who always included this in their e-mails, etc., and recently Ive been seeing this in stores before but hadnt picked it up because its like $4 a box and I wasnt sure if I was going to like it. Im weird with lemonade. I dont like it incredibly tart and I dont like it incredibly sweet but I do like slightly tart with sweetness.

I put the full packet into a large bottle of water (which is what I do with Crystal Lights, etc.), shook it up, took a sip and felt like I bit RIGHT into a lemon. It was sooooooooooooo tart. Pucker your face tart. There isnt a real sweetness to this, actually, I dont quite taste one at all; all I taste is an immense tartness that you get when you bite on a lemon. Not sure Id venture into calling this lemonade. I was actually talking to my boss the other day about True Lemon because we got into a conversation about how much water I drink a day and he said he and his wife bring the True Lemon to restaurants and put a tiny bit in their waters and a tiny bit is enough because it acts as a real lemon would without having possible salmonella infested lemon in your water. Perhaps Ill try it again with a teeny tiny bit in my water instead of the entire packet. Save my taste buds the punch.

Have you tried True Lemon?

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