True Blue Spa Shave Cream from Bath and Body Works

3 years ago

True Blue Spa Shave Cream

I bought the True Blue Spa Shave cream from Bath and Body Works a little while back, and after using it for the past little while, I thought I would do a little review. I bought it during their annual sale, so it was severely discounted so I dont remember what the original price is on this. I believe its close to 15 dollars, but I could be wrong.

Moving on - Ive been using this product as of late, and I must say I really like it! Instead of a traditional foaming shaving cream, this comes out of a tube but I find this to be much more hydrating, and less messy. The typical foam creams get everywhere and often make it difficult to see what you are doing. This is much less messy, and its easier to control how much product you are using and where it is going. But most of all, I felt it made shaving much easier and smoother. The product almost feels like a lotion, and help the blade glide across your skin. I havent had any nicks or cuts while using this product something that would happen with my old foam cream no matter how careful I was.

It also left my skin feeling smoother and more moisturized after I got out of the shower, probably thanks to the Shea Butter included in the product.

I dont know if I would buy this product at regular price, but its definitely something I would consider stocking up on during B&BW sales!

Have you ever tried their Shave cream? What about any other products from their True Blue Spa line?

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