True Blood: season 5 episode 2

I think I`m going to have an anxiety attack waiting for the next episode! Did I mention I really want to marry Eric Northman? Yes, I`m aware I have a problem. Anyways, this episode was really good. It started off with Tara choking Sookie. She`s going crazy as a vampire. And Eric and Bill are being interrogated but they won`t give each other up. Eric normally would, but he`s not. And it`s so cute :) Pam thinks back to when she met Eric. He was saving her from some douche bag. He was even a good guy back then :) And Steve Newlin goes to Jessica and is trying to pay her to give him Jason. I always knew something was suspicious about him. Emma`s daughter turns into a little baby wolf and she freaks out. She thought she was going to be a shifter. And the grandma comes by and wants to see her but Emma tells her to gtfo and she doesn`t want her in her life. And her and Sam cussed each other out because he said it would be good for her daughter to see the grandma. And last, Alcide was supposed to be the alpha, but he walked away. He didn`t want to be apart of the pack. So that was pretty much the whole episode. It`s more interesting than I made it seem! :)

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