Tropical Puff Pastries

4 years ago

Earlier in the week I was at the market picking up a few things, when near the checkout (damn the 12 items or less line!!) I noticed some puff pastries. My local market that has a bakery in it, tends to have the regular run of the mill puff pastry -- usually apple and occasionally blueberry. But off to the side I noticed an unusual name on the sticker, so it peeked my interest so I looked closer. It said "Tropical Puff Pastry". Tropical? I was sucked in right there and knew I was a goner.

The container contained an assortment of the following flavors: Guava Coconut, Coconut Pineapple and Mango Cheese. I admit, I ate a whole coconut pineapple (it was my favorite) and ate half of the guava coconut and the mango cheese. At different sittings -- but the mango cheese was ... interesting. I think I was more weirded out about like orange cheese being in a pastry. But it wasn`t horrendous, just not so much my cup of tea. The guava coconut was quite good -- but the hands down winner was the pineapple coconut. It was just so tropical and island-feeling. Very good.

Do you like puff pastry?

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