Triple Town App Review!

5 years ago

The way I found Triple Town was through a friend that had been addicted to this app on her phone. So I decided to play it since it sounded really fun, and it is!

The game is like a puzzle where you place different objects in the town and have to make them in groups of three to upgrade them into a new object. There are other helpful measures to make your settlement stay afloat, like a crystal to help when you have two items already, a space to hold one item for later use, and bots to get rid of unwanted items or to stop ninja bears. There are two type of obstacles the bears and space. Regular Bears can move about your board one space at a time until you group three together and Ninja Bears can jump to any open location on the board to try and mess up your game.

It`s a really fun game and super addicting, but the worst part is the amount of turns one gets unless they decide to buy unlimited turns for $3.99. One gets 150 turns which may sound like a lot but I probably go through that in like 15 minutes. though you could use coins to buy about 200 more moves if you feel desperate to play, which I have done a plenty of times.

For this game, you can play this app on facebook, google +, apple products, and android products.

The first picture is not mine and is found from the link below. The second picture is a snapshot from me playing on my itouch and slightly edited.

Have you played this game before?

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