Tried The Lamb Burger From McDonalds!

4 years ago

The lamb burger had been in maccas (that`s what we aussies call McDonalds!) for quite some time now, probably since the olympics maybe? And I really wanted to try it but never really got the chance until the other night while going home from school.

I was actually quite reluctant to try it because it doesn`t have cheese in it (I KNOW RGHT!!) but I toughened up and bought it, along with my favourite chicken bacon deluxe in a large meal... Oh yeah and my mum was with me and she just decided to try the new lamb wrap.
And when you compare it to the normal sized burgers from maccas (which is the size of the chicken bacon deluxe) you can tell how huge this new lamb burger is! Omgosh it was really heavy and full. And can I say that it was neat!!! They made it with care! :D

BUT... I didn`t like it. They used a different type of bun which was dry and there was way too much onion and spices in the lamb. It was to `aussie` tasting for me, if that makes any sense? lol.

<STRONG>If any of you are from Australia, have you tried this burger before??? Or if not, would you purchase and try this burger if it was at your maccas???</STRONG>
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