Trick r` Treat

4 years ago

Directed By Michael Dougherty.

Sometimes I have the urge to mix movies from other movies for they had the same storyline and it gets confusing. This one in particular I have a hard time distinguishing with it from an episode of Supernatural or this one. Well, the scene has children bringing home there candy and the parents duty is to dissect there bags for anything suspicious. But one story had a parent whom eats the candy and later realizes it was filled with razors and starts choking on it and spewing everywhere. So I can`t be quite sure if this also applies to this film. Sorry. But I can tell you the kid on the cover is really a monster so there`s no surprise there and the movie is also packed with many stories that`ll have you thinking of the old series Tales from the Crypt. I just love growing up watching these films to later realize it was a bunch of time wasted but here I am making the most of these fine horror flicks. So no haters. It`s something to watch all year long in my opinion. For more on everything entertaining, do comment and/or like below. Thank you and have a lovely day, guys!

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