Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume Review

5 years ago

Hey guys, So I decided I´m going to do a lot of reviews on some of the best perfumes, or just perfumes that I own, ( or got to smell in simples at the malls, or magazines.) So leggo. I´m starting with Lancote Paris´s new Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume. The notes of the perfume are ah-mazing. It´s made up of Black Currant, Sweet Rose & Wood.
I do not own this perfume, even though I find it to be ah-mazing. So maybe I should look for it in some malls when I get back from vacation. I actually got to simple the scent in the seventeen magazine.(: yay! Emma Watson is modeling the elegant, perfume bottle. She actually looks really stunning. Sorry. I´m supposed to talk about the perfume, not how gorgeous she is. Haha. Well, I actually really like the smell of this. Because it´s not strong, like chanel, or like.. you know. Or perfume for like older people. (I mean musky, & strong.) It has a fresh & relaxing smell. I´m guessing sandalwood. & you can smell the sweet, yet tangy smell of black currants & ofcourse, the sweet smell of roses. It´s a really warm & inviting smell. Something you would wear to a party or on a date. I think it´s a little too sexy for school. I wish you guys could smell this. It´s legit ah-mazing. The bottle itself is also very cute. It´s in the shape, of what I can only describe as a vial, & the lid has a big, purple velvety rose. It´s gorgeous. & I actually plan on buying a bottle of this stuff.(:
Even though it is pretty expensive..
1.5 Fl. Oz. Is $75. Ooouch. Boy does it suck being poor.
Anyway, I would reccomend this perfume to anyone who has money, & likes fruity & musky-ish scents. Not like sweet candy smells, more like natural, creamy, earthy smells. If you get my drift,
I would rate this perfume 9.7 out of 10 stars.
I think it smells better than Juicy! my opinion!
xx anna
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