Trent Shelton Is In The House!

For those of you who have seen his very inspirational videos on youtube, his tweets on twitter and posts on Facebook and Instagram, the time has come to see Mr. Trent Shelton LIVE! As you can see on his flyer above, his next stop will be in NYC on Saturday July 26th. If you are interested in seeing him live check out the website at the very bottom of the flyer and purchase your tickets there. Further details can be found there as well. This will be WORTH IT everybody!

I first came across Trent`s page on facebook by accident through one of my facebook business buddies. Then again `by accident` is more like `Coincidence is the Angels` playground`. My Guardian Angels guided me to befriend my current facebook business buddies to see Trent`s inspirational messages! Little by little I came across 1 or 2 of his videos and picture posts. It peaked my interest right away because he was straight to the T in regards to some of the things I have gone through especially with `Knowing Your Circle` in terms of friendship.

I have never been satisfied with the friends I`ve made over the years because they either had low self-esteem, jealous of me or BOOORING. They say, `A bird of a feather flocks together` but in these cases I did not have ANY of these negative qualities that these girls had so me this saying is not true. I just HAD to cut off these so called `friends` because my intuition was literally SCREAMING at me to let them go! And that`s exactly what I did. I feel so much better now and I don`t miss any of them! If no one is helping me grow or bring me up then I don`t need them. I am a feeler so if something doesn`t feel right or I straight up lose interest, I know for a fact that it`s a combo of my intuition and Guardian Angels guiding me AWAY from it. I thank God everyday for this gift! In the meantime in between time, I am a loner and proud! I shall be a loner until God sends the right people my way. The positive, supportive, FUN, healthy self-esteemed people that I always wanted in my life...I BELIEVE that they are on their way. It`s just a matter of time. So for those of you who can relate to me just remember to be confident in your own skin! If it means for you to eliminate those so called `friends` and be a loner for a while then do it! Be a friend to yourself, LOVE yourself, take yourself out and mingle with others just for the fun of it, attend inspirational seminars, join meetup and attend events that peak your interest, volunteer, etc. Just DO YOU!

Inspiration is what we all need whether we admit it or not and I have to say that Trent Shelton is a God send. He says it like it is! No sugar-coating, no bs. And we need more people like this in the world, seriously! I advise YOU who`s reading this blog post right now to subscribe to Trent`s channel on youtube and watch ALL his videos! I can assure you that there will be at least 1 video that you can relate to! As Trent says,`It all starts with YOU! RehabTime`.

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