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4 years ago

For me, fashion is not only the same, fashion is innovate, create, share and feel the essence of the clothes in yourself. I mean, a lot of girls and people suffer with no self-esteem only because they don`t have the indicated clothes for them. Sometimes, a little bit of makeup, a good pair of shoes and nice clothes can change our life... <strong>for better...</strong>.
It`s thinking about these that I found another trend piece for you guys, and I`m sure that you will enjoy. Well, I`m talking about jeans with different colors. Yes, you definately should be saying right now «Yes, but this isn`t news for me«, well, in part you`re right but keep reading!
It`s already very commom see people using jeans, I mean, it`s something that we all like. But, these today I really think that have a lot of ways to choose the piece better for us.
But, these pieces are really good and make the different, after all, we are talking about fashion. So, but to buy one of these pieces you really have to be aware about some rules:
Yes, it`s good to use these pieces, but you really need to be careful with the color that you`ll choose. If you are a little bit more "big" be careful with the colors. But choose, for example nude colors, they will help you a lot.
Please, but please, don`t use baggy sweatshirts because you`re going to look like a bread bag and I`m not kidding.
Be careful with the acessories, don`t use bright acessories because the jeans, already call a lot of attentions, and you need the balance not the exaggeration.

And that`s it! Buy your colorful pants/jeans and Live Fashion!

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