Traveling to Vancouver: Fright Night

5 years ago

British Columbia is a beautiful province. There are immense mountains, lushes forests, and wildlife. British Columbia consists of many cities, however, one major city exemplifies the beauty of British Columbia. When coming to British Columbia, one mustn`t forget to visit the city of Vancouver. Vancouver is a vibrant city that is full of humble people, vast lands, and diverse cultures. During the fall there are many event to attend to. Fright Night is one of the events that happens during Halloween in Vancouver, Usually Fright Night is about one month long, which mean that there is an expansive amount of time to designate a particular day that is compatible with one`s schedule when planning to attend Fright Night. The ticket range from 24-40 Canadian dollar depending on which day you go on. Basically, Fright Night is designated in an amusement park where there are fair games, such as ring toss, bowling, and bb-gun shooting. In addition, there are rides that range from being drenched with water to having one`s heart rate increase ten folds. Finally, Fright Night wouldn`t be Fright Night for the haunted houses and the haunted maze. The haunted house are a must see when going to fright night because it consists of both actors and machine operated monsters. The haunted house are very noisy and full of blood, gore, and random body parts. A word of advice when going to the haunted houses: go early because the lines for the haunted houses become very long and haunted houses, themselves, become not so scary when the fair workers are trying to pack the haunted houses with people past the over flow capacity. There are haunted houses situated during the mid 60`s, there are haunted houses revolving around a murdered family, and there are haunted houses that deal with a mad scientists. Furthermore, there are many actors dressed up as noticeable fictional horror characters roaming around the amusement park, which sets the ambiance of Fright Night. All in all, Fright Night is a great event to attend to with your family and friends, so if you are in Vancouver during the fall try to get a ticket to Fright Night.

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