Traveling Must Have: Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes

4 years ago

I have always loved travelling. It has always been a hobby of mine, but one thing I absolutely dislike about it was the packing part. I will admit that I am completely clueless when it comes to packing. I always pack way too much and never seem to use most of the things I bring. Which sucks since I can never bring back more souvenirs or gifts in my bag, or my luggage will be overweight. Another reason why I dislike packing is because every time I arrive at my destination, the stuff I packed always gets jumbled up. Therefore causing a huge mess and making me refold everything. It is such a hassle!

I actually heard about these packing cubes through a friend. This friend of mine travels 3 times a year and is a pro at packing. So when I asked her how I should efficiently pack my suitcase, she suggested her all time favourite packing method; Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes. After she introduced them to me, I decided to go online and read and watch reviews on this products. I was amazed at how many great reviews it got and decided that I wanted to invest in them.

The concept behind these packing cubes is that they make packing more efficient and neater. Basically it compresses your clothes, which allows you to have more space while packing. Also since everything is packed in zipped cubes, the items you pack wont move around as much. Thus causing less mess in your luggage. When I heard and read about these advantages, I knew I had to get them.

It actually took me sometime to find them where I live, but I eventually found them. I decided to pick up the blue and neon yellow 2 sided cube ($25) and the black 2 sided half-cube ($20). They both are double sided cases meaning its 2 pouches in 1. Its like having 2 bags for the price of one! Which I love since I can pack twice as much in one cube. Another plus is that when you have dirty clothes, you can pack those on one side (the mesh, non-shiny side to make the dirty clothes breathable), and still have clean clothes on the other side (shiny, insulated side to keep clothes clean).

I am sure these will be handy dandy for my trip this summer. I will be making a post about where I am going. But I would like for you to take a guess as to where I am going. Overall, I am very happy to have found these and think these will make my packing experience more pleasant.

Have you tried these before? Any tips for packing? Where do you think I am travelling to?

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