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4 years ago

Some of you may be wondering where I have been for the past two months. Well let me just put it in three simple words: <strong>I traveled China!</strong> I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to travel China, since it was my very first time. I have always dreamed about exploring Shanghai and climbing the Great Wall ever since I was a child. Not only have I done these this summer, but I have also travelled to many other new places in China that I have never heard about.

Since there are a vast amount of places to visit in China, I decided to get a lot of help from the Internet and also from many travel books. And from there, I planned out how I wanted to spend my trip in China. My plan was to visit at least one place in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western China. For the Northern part, I decided to visit Chinas capital city, Beijing. For the Southern part, I ventured out to Sanya, which is located in the Hainan region (sunscreen/sun milk was a must). Chengdu was the city I chose to visit for the Eastern region. And lastly, I chose Shanghai to be the Western city to visit.

During my stay in China, all of my senses came alive. My eyes did not only see the beautiful new scenery, but also the class division between the rich and the poor. I saw how different their way of life was compared to mine. My ears did not only hear the mainland language, Mandarin, but also the many different dialects that are found in certain regions. The non-stop sound of traffic was also heard over countless times. My mouth had the best experience of all; many new dishes and snacks were tried. And lastly, I have gotten to meet many new people along the way; not only travellers but also the mainland residents.

A certain someone has requested for me to share my journey in China with you all. So if you are interested in seeing and reading more about my visit to China, keep a look out for more posts!

<strong>Have you travelled to China before? Do you want to?</strong>

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