Travel to The Moon?!

4 years ago

Even though the US Space program has been stagnant for the last 20-30 years. Private companies have been pushing the envelope by building their own space craft. Can the world of Star Trek be far behind?

Yeah probably. But now a British based company (no not Virgin Galactic) is offer private trips to the moon for just £100 million! Virgin Galactic owned by Sir Richard Branson (that also owns Virgin America, Virgina Atlantic and Virgin Mobile) only offers ride to space, which is so last year.

From article below...
"reworked, Soviet-era Salyut space stations and Soyuz capsules as the vehicles for the multi-stage, 500,000-mile total voyage. Accordingly, no one will be living in the lap of luxury on the way there: there`s just two habitation modules that will take three people each, and the six-month trip isn`t going to leave much room for perks other than an isolated room in the event of a solar radiation blast. "

Let`s just say you had the money, would you be willing to go? I would!

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