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5 years ago

I was giving a friend some travel advice earlier today, and it gave me the idea to start a travel advice post series! My friends always come to me for travel tips because I travel so much, but still maintain a college girl budget, so I`d like to share some of my knowledge with all of you luuux-ers! :)

There is a lot of information to be given, so I`ll just doing a little post on a different topic each day... Or, whenever I get to it, because I tend to get busy with other things and luuux inadvertantly falls to the side.

I`ll be talking about both air flights, as well as driving road trips and a little on bus trips! Here are some of the topics I plan to cover, please let me know if there are any else that you would like me to talk about! There are so many aspects of travelling, I just listed whatever came to mind first :)

<strong>Air Travel</strong>
<ul><li>&#8226; How/When/Where/Why to buy tickets</li>
<li>&#8226; How to get through security... Quickly!</li>
<li>&#8226; How to eat healthy (avoid the gimmicky airport food)</li>
<li>&#8226; Staying hydrated!</li>
<li>&#8226; Finding entertainment</li>
<li>&#8226; How to pack</li>
<li>&#8226; No liquids?! No problem!</li>
<li>&#8226; </li>

<strong>Road Travel</strong>
<ul><li>&#8226; GPS?</li>
<li>&#8226; To set avoidances or not to set avoidances... That is the question.</li>
<li>&#8226; How to pack</li>
<li>&#8226; Snacks!</li>
<li>&#8226; Get your car in tip top shape</li>
<li>&#8226; Accidents? Oh no! It will be alright</li>
<li>&#8226; What about the police in different states? :/</li></ul>

<strong>Bus Travel</strong>
<ul><li>&#8226; Is it safe?</li>
<li>&#8226; How to pack</li>
<li>&#8226; Finding entertainment</li></ul>

If you can think of anything else you`d like me to talk about, please comment below! Also, comment below if you have a preference of what kinds of topics you`d like to see first! Otherwise, I`ll post about Air Travel first :)

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