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3 years ago

So with thanksgiving only tomorrow, some of you might be in my shoes- on the road to visit family for the holiday. I made sure to pack plenty of magazines, food and of course everything else is on my hand dandy iPhone 4S. That being said I`m always prepared for a road trip or flight, but what I have with me isn`t always the most important part, it`s what I`m wearing. If what your in isn`t comfortable you`ll most likely be miserable, so try some of these pieces wether it be your flight to
Cali or Maine.

1. HATS- Hats are a great way to cover up a bad hair day or your little to no time to get ready to catch that flight. They are comfortable and practical especially the baseball cap style. Patterns or a pop of color are nice to add your own twist to things. Here I`m wearing Here I`m wearing a floral hat from from forever21, it`s an adjustable baseball cap style.

2. Victoria`s Secret- what girl doesn`t love being in a pair of leggings or yoga pants, I know I do! My favorite yoga pants or leggings are any pair from Victoria`s Secret, the fabrics are durable and comfortable. The stretchy fabrics make it easy to twist, turn and bend, which might be something you want if your cars packed. Not only are legging and yoga pants good but also sweats, anything better than jeans when traveling.

3. Be Bag Ready- The bigger the bag, the better the trip is what I abide by. For most plane`s and obviously in the comfort of you car, carry-on`s are expected. So take advantage of it, find a big bag you have laying around and fill it up with things you might wants easy access to along the way. This will also make your trip a lot more fluid, than having to reach, unpack and make a mess of things that are already packed up

4. Uggs,slippers, slides- last but not least let`s talk about shoes, if I could wear nothing but my fuzzy socks I would! When picking shoes to travel you`ll want shoes that can be slid in an out of, that doesn`t have to tie or have any complicated buckles. It makes the trip just that less stressful, and way more comfortable. Here I`m wearing a pair of Uggs, but slippers and nike slide are good also, anything you can wear those fuzzy socks I mentioned with.

Travel gear done right, and done cute!

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