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5 years ago

Located on 3479 Yonge St, Trapper`s offers you an intimate fine dining experience. The restaurant has been operating since 1985, and despite the many negative reviews due to quality of service, I found my experience to be quite exceptional. Unlike most restaurants, Trapper`s is very small and petite, there is no more than 25 tables. As you walk in, you are greeted with a server in front of a fully stacked bar. We made reservations for 8:00 that night, but arrived at 7:30 and were seated immediately. The server gave us our menus along with a complimentary basket of bread and pea spread.

For appetizer, i had the Jump-Friend Escargot & Black Tiger Shrimp w/ baked gorgonzola encroute, lobster chive cream sauce & Caviar, my boyfriend had the Baked Almond Crusted Woolwich Goat Cheese w/ grilled Portobello mushroom, wilted spinach, & honey raspberry dressing. My escargot, shrimp and caviar were quite tasty, however the gorgonzola cheese was very strong and not to my liking. I ended up only having a piece of the bread and giving the rest to my boyfriend. I tried a bit of my boyfriends app, and was pleasantly surprised, the goat cheese wasnt as powering as i thought it would be, the raspberry dressing added sweetness to the taste and the mushroom was delicious.

I was torn between the chicken, salmon and the beef short ribs for the main course, and ended up getting the Slowly Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs w/ wild rice, apples & raisin Tomatoes, Red wine, demi and fresh herbs, and my boyfriend got the Char-Coal Broiled Black Angus Striploin Steak w/ Scallion Mashed potatoes. When i got my main, i was regretting it and beating myself up for not going for the salmon (not b/c my main was disappointing, but i always order wrong, i need visual aid when to comes to deciding what to get). Anyways, i wasnt a fan of the rice, but then again, i never like rice unless its asian rice. Something about how the grains of non-asian style rice are cooked just irks me, maybe i can only be satisfied w/ the stickyness and richness of white lotus brand rice. The veggies and beef were very delicious. You know when the ribs are good when you can pull strands of the meat effortlessly apart. I tried my boyfriends steak and it was very tender and the mash potatoes were exquisite! I was stealing his mash the whole night. They were creamy and textured and just so good!

Finally, for dessert, i had the Lemon Raspberry classic white sponge cake, layers of buttercream & raspberry puree. My boyfriend went with the Black & White Cakelet w/ Devils food chocolate cake bean mousse, dark chocolate ganache. My dessert came with a cute little hearts made with the sauce. I was already stuffed from all the food i had just consumed and thought i was just going to have a bite of my cake and give the rest to my boyfriend. However, let me tell you this wasnt the case! You make room for that lemon raspberry cake and grow to regret it later when you can hardly breathe to a point where every breath you take hurts. (Okay, im exaggerating and little bit, but i was almost there) All that glory of lemon sponge with raspberry filling was so hard to let go! I wished i didnt eat so much of the complimentary pea spread bread so i could have had my dessert without the aftermath of feeling overly stuffed.

Throughout the dinner, our waiter came every so often to check up and asked if everything was okay. At $35 a person, after tax and tip we ended up paying $90 for our fine dining experience at Trappers. (This isnt bad at all considering Canadian tax is high.) The only thing i didnt like about Trappers was how small the place was in comparison to other restaurants, we came on a busy night and were seated very close to the adjacent table making me feel like i was almost a part of their party. I feel like there was no personal space. However, i think if we made reservations for 9, we wouldnt have had this problem b/c by this time, the dinner rush was clearing out and tables were being removed. Dining at a later hour would have added an intimate & romantic atmosphere to our experience. Overall i had a good time, however i would probably not return during the off-winterlicious season, just due to regular pricing. I would probably return next year if the restaurant decide be apart of the winterlicious/summerlicious event to try the salmon!

Hope you guys like my review, sorry the last picture is orange, my boyfriend turned off the flash. Would you guys dine here if you had the chance to visit Toronto?

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