Transport tubes promises around the world in six hours [video]

Concept vehicle traveling at 6,500 km / h.

A plane can travel around the planet in a relatively short time, but no model is compared to the concept of Evacuated Tube Transport, a transport method that involves the displacement of large caps over a road of tubes - and promises to reduce the duration of back the world for just six hours.

For this, the transport reach up to 6500 km / h and less energy than would the current vehicle. The trip would be made on maglev rails, which restrict the friction and still make passengers do not feel the force applied to the movement of the capsule.

The vehicle weighs 183 kg, measures 5 meters and up to six passengers, plus luggage. According to the Daily Mail, project developers, which has no date for leaving the paper, believe that the technology of production of the capsules is considered cheap - and the biggest challenge would be to adapt it and build trails for travel.

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