Transparent aluminum even exists?

The transparent aluminum is now a reality. His discovery was foreseen in science fiction film Star Trek 4 (Star Trek 4). The transparent aluminum is known in the industry as ALONTM, it oxinitrato a polycrystalline aluminum, or a ceramic transparent crystallized on aluminum atoms. Despite being a ceramic, is much more resistant than the armored glass, and its development was initially sought by the U.S. Army to build windows in armored vehicles. The transparent aluminum is much stronger, lighter and thinner than the armored glass, offering several advantages for vehicle armouring. Has several other advantages over glass, and for civilian use is already being used in barcode readers in supermarkets due to its high level of transparency for visible and ultraviolet light. Many other applications are planned for the ALONTM (transparent aluminum), and even beer cans and soda will be manufactured in this material (in 20 or 30 years). The entire market can benefit from this discovery, depending only on the falling price of the product, because the production method of ALONTM is still 5 times more expensive than the armored glass. Much research is advancing in this field, just remember that aluminum was once considered noble metal due to the same problem (high manufacturing cost) and today is a material very cheap

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