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2 years ago

`The best time for change is during the beginning of any season!` wise words that I live by. Meaning that`s the best excuse I can come up with when I feel like I need a reason to add to my wardrobe, a blush buying spree or a new contouring technique. Not to mention some things or looks you`re doing for one season might not necessarily work for another season. For example I know tank tops and water proof mascara just aren`t my favorite for Fall, so it`s all about focusing on what is. Hair is one of the easiest ways to change up a perusual in your life, so here is your excuse to change up your hair look for the most fashionable season of them all.

1. Angled Bobs- Angled Bobs say more than just manageable, they also say edgy. The angle bob has made a big come back and I can see why. Hair is something that can complete or add to any outfit, and angle bobs do just that. By bringing some true edge to your outfit. Fall can also be a very hectic time with everyone readjusting as summer ends, being a major plus that the maintenance level for all bob hair cuts are a blessing for any morning your running behind. Overall This angle bob look bandwagon might be something you need to jump on if you want a low maintenance and edgy look to kick off fall.

2. Lighter hair- Dark hair for fall is a given, but what if you were to bend the rules a little bit and step outside of the box? Lighter hair is everything but expected for fall, so do the unexpected and go blonde, chestnut or Jet Black to Brown. Lighter hair tends to stand out much more and makes a big statement as far as appearance. If you want to take risks and go bold, lightening your hair might be just what you need and more for this fall.

3. Color- If you don`t find lighter hair to be a bold enough statement for fall than color might be. Fall is a fun time to add purple, green and even red being that we tend to wear so much more darker colors during this season. The color pay off for a vibrant hair color against a chic black leather jacket is almost genius not to mention that`s one way to really get someones attention. So be a fashion statement this fall and go color!

4. Bangs- For someone maybe looking for a minor change, bangs might be your friend. Bangs can be very practical, depending on the type there are plenty of tricks on hiding bangs if you want a day off from them. By this you can pick and choose looks often if you aren`t too comfortable with change. Not to mention many find a new profound love for bangs because they can end up being really beautifully flattering depending on your face shape. Baby steps to changing your look are steps in the right direction and bangs are a good baby step for fall.


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