Transatlantic Cruise?

4 years ago

You`re not going to see me for awhile on Luuux because as you know I will be away on my Disney Cruise. One thing I`m going to offer up to you guys is that if you`re thinking about a cruise. One affordable venue is to go on a Transatlantic cruise.

Transatlantic cruise as the name implies takes you across the Atlantic but really it`s any body of water that`s a long trip uses this name. Usually you`re at sea the majority of the trip with no ports of call or just one before you dock. Usually it`s because of a change of seasons, a cruise line has to move from say Europe to New York. Or Vancouver to Los Angeles. Usually the per night rate is a lot cheaper than any other cruise. You still get the great endless food and room service as any other cruise.

Besides what could go wrong with a Transatlantic Cruise? (The Titantic? Sinking by icebergs is so yesterday!)

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