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4 years ago

So one day I was bored and decided to go do some Henna. It was at a salon in Little India town. While I was waiting, I was just looking around and the place was super busy but luckily, I made an appointment. I was lead into a small room (seemed like a room where people get waxed). I swear, the young girl who was doing my Henna was 20 and she was sooo talented. She was going to do my whole back but I didn`t want to lie there for too long, so I just told her to do my lower back. I told her to design whatever she wanted because I didn`t know what I wanted. I think she only took like 15-20 minutes to do it. I had to lie there and wait for it to dry for a good long hour. I was blown away when she showed me! It looked amazing! The long hour was worth the wait. It starts to harden while it dries then you can peel it off. But when it`s peeled off, the Henna becomes a light brown so it`s not as visible but as the days go by, it gets darker and darker. So my Henna lasted about 2 weeks which isn`t too bad. Oh yeah, it`s not painful at all and it isn`t toxic.

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