Train With Your Body Weight

5 years ago

If you don`t have a gym membership and you want to incorporate some weight training, you might have to invest in some weights. However, weights can be expensive and not that practical to carry around while you travel for example.

So, what would be an easy and cheaper solution that is still effective? You are the solution!

Training using your own weight can be an easy and cheap way to get some strength training in. This type of exericise is called calisthenics and its really just using your body in the right exercises to get some strength tanning in, so no excuses on the lack of equipment!

There are a lot of different exercises you can make but most of them are push-ups and variations of them. You can make:
- Regular push-ups;
- Incline Push-ups;
- Squats and lunges ( not really to much weight used, but its still a good exercise)
- Hand-Stand push-ups (these must be hard, i don`t think i could ever do them lol i would advice having someone with you to help you out because they seem kind of dangerous )

These are just i few i saw just now and that could be explained by the pictures i added.
But you can always change it up since its easy to change it up since you are not depending on equipment and you find some videos online that help you with some exercises.

As you can`t see, the lack of equipment can always be compensated and you can`t go wrong with push-ups.

<strong>Do you do body weight exercises? How do you feel about push-ups : Love them or hate them?</strong>

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