Trader Joe`s Tea Haul

4 years ago

i wasn`t much of a tea drinker until about a year ago. i`ve always loved coffee and preferred a cup of decaf coffee at night versus decaf or caffeine free tea. however, i`ve come to realize that tea can have its relaxing therapeutic qualities, so i drink it a lot more.

i went to trader joe`s and immediately picked up these two products when i saw them. they were on the same rack with a bunch of other tea products. i saw some peppermint/pumpkin chai powder mixes but i tend to avoid those especially because i`m afraid they`ll be too sweet.

the first thing i got was a carton of oregan chai chai tea concentrate. i looooooove chai lattes so now i can make them at home. i`ve never seen these at TJ`s before and i am kicking myself for not looking harder in the past. this could`ve saved many trips to peet`s/starbucks!!!! grrrr. that`s fine. i will try out this stuff and if it`s good, this is what i`ll look for in the future and i`ll just make my own chai lattes.

next, i got trader joe`s candy cane green tea. it`s decaf so i can drink it at night, plus i love anything christmas-y and this will be nice to have throughout the year...until next christmas! lol

would you try either of these products?

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