Trader Joes Reduced Guilt Chucky Guacamole

3 years ago

I picked up this Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole at Trader Joes after hearing that it was pretty good. I checked out the nutrition label and was duly impressed, so I made sure to bring it home with me to try out. Guacamole is typically higher in fat and calories when made the regular way but Trader Joes found a way to make it a friendly food by incorporating the dish with greek yogurt. Trader Joes really does impress me with some of the items they come out with needless to say, this is one of them. I cant say Im a huge guacamole fan, but this particular guacamole easily became my favorite (I dont love avocados). I was incorporating this into my nachos, chicken burgers, or plain right alongside some tortillas/crackers. Its a smooth and creamy guacamole which is packed with flavor. There are smaller chunks of vegetables (and even pieces of avocado if youre lucky) running through the guacamole with a cilantro, lime flavor in the background. I dont find it to be spicy even though the label does state there are jalapenos in the dish. Its creamier than your average guacamole, which I feel is to be expected because there is Greek yogurt in the dish. Amazingly, a 2 tablespoon serving is only 1 points plus values! Definitely worth a shot if youre even remotely a guacamole fan OR just living life on the edge! QUESTION: Have you tried the reduced guilt guac? Image is mine do not take or use. Thank you.
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