Trader Joes Protein Power Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins

4 years ago

I picked up these Trader Joes Protein Power Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins at Trader Joes on one of my last trips there. My TJs tends to sell out of a lot of things on certain days (people in the area tend to influx the store on particular days to do their shopping and I just cant figure out what day it is lol). But the last few times Ive gone in these werent there but this time I found a stash of them and put one in my cart.

These are very reminiscent of a fat free version of a chocolate chip banana bread Ive made earlier in the year. So needless to say I thought these were pretty good. They are filling, so one is usually enough then again these are a snack for me and not a meal replacement. They are dense but the chocolate gives it a nice sweetness and the chocolate is softer, it doesnt harden up like typical Tollhouse chips.

They do tend to stick to the muffin liner but Im used to that again, since I tend to make fat free muffins/desserts at home. Nonetheless they are good they do taste like a healthy version of banana bread and the fact it has 7 grams of protein in one serving was enough to sell me.

Have you tried the Trader Joes Protein Power muffins?

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