Trader Joe`s Mango Butter

oh I know you were eyeing that little jar on the side of my last post lol intriguing isn`t it ? almost as much as the cookie butter (oh deliciousness), however - is it just as good?

I`m going to be totally honest - I don`t think so. don`t get me wrong, it`s good, it`s just not HG spread kind of a thing, and by that I mean, there are people who shmear nutella or peanut butter on just about everything they can think of, for me that`s the cookie butter right now. the mango butter is more like jam, or jelly, wait what`s the difference? wth kind of mickey mouse operation food blog is this if I don`t know the difference? wait, let me go google ..... ok, mango butter is more like jam. it`s quite thick, a vivid orange color and smells yummy

this little gem has all of 5 ingredients, it does have a very authentic mango flavor and smell thank goodness. from what I`ve read it can be used to cook, on ice cream, or you guessed it - on toast !!!

this would be an awesome addition to peanut butter as it has a slightly tart flavor rather than super sweet. unlike the cookie butter this does have to be refrigerated after opening. it`s good, I mean to be honest not much different than any other jam but then again I haven`t really tried it over anything other than bread so it might very well be a total hit around my house. oh I wonder what it will taste like with the cookie butter ???? oh man, this can be quite dangerous LOL

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