Trader Joe`s haul! pumpkin bars, chips, apple sauce...

4 years ago

My mom and I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe`s and came back home with lots of yummy food! We love Trader Joe`s! We love its atmosphere and how welcoming and kind the staff are.

Here`s what we got:

1. orangic mini cheese crackers: I haven`t had cheese crackers in a long time, like since I was a kid! So I definitely missed them and got them for myself!

2. quinoa and black bean infused tortilla chips: these sound healthy and I think it would be great with the hummus in my fridge

3. tortilla bread: We are going to make healthy sandwiches with these! They are just something different and fun than your typical bread at the store.

4. Turkey chili with beans: I adore chili. It`s so yummy! We are trying to be healthy so we got turkey rather than beef or whatever the original stuff has.

5. Butter almond thins: ever since my mom bought our first box nearly a year ago, we`ve been obsessed! these are so crunchy and delicious. I love the almonds in these. the crackers are super thin!

6. Organic apple sauce: I haven`t had apple sauce in a while so I definitely miss it. I can`t to eat one!

7. Rigatoni pasta: We are going to make chicken alfredo, so we wanted to try pasta from Trader Joe`s.

8. Pumpkin bars: I`m feeling very festive and am really looking forward to Halloween and Christmas!! I usually don`t like pumpkin stuff (like pumpkin pie), but these sounded pretty good at the moment. Surprisingly, these are delicious! Very soft and chewy.

-Pictures are mine.

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