Trader joes green tea mints

hey luuuxers,

i went grocery shopping with my sister to get some snacks and water. i basically picked up only two or three things so my sister kept bugging me to get more stuff. she thinks i`m going to starve -_- finally, i just grabbed some mints from the shelve near the check out area. the green tea seemed interesting...and healthy so why not??

i actually totally forgot i got these cause i chucked them in my bag and started using my backpack for school. while rummaging for a pen, i refund these. they`re kind of cute with the leaf shape but to be honest, I`m not a huge fan of the flavor....its a bit minty and i kind of taste the green tea....but it doesn`t really taste good. i prefer regular mint to these. the funny thing is the girl sitting next to me in lecture pulled these out yesterday. maybe she has better luck with them

<3, jane

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