Trader Joe`s Fondue Mix!

I love having fondue, especially for a get together with friends. It`s a nice time just preparing all the things we want to dip in and enjoying the fondue together. Something about eating out of the same pot and trying all the new things we want to dip, is really fun. We typically grate our own cheese, but I decided to try a fondue mix this time from Trader Joe`s. This is a blend of Swiss and Gruyere cheeses. You just put this in the hot, heat it up, and the cheese melts. It`s so quick and easy, I don`t know why I hadn`t tried it before. This is enough to serve four people, so if you have more guests, just pick up more boxes of this mix. It`s not clumpy and is very smooth, but at the same time its not too liquidy. It`s perfect because when you dip things into it the cheese actually sticks onto the food. It`s a very easy cleanup too because any leftover bits just slide off the pot, where as with our homemade fondues, we always have to soak the pot before cleaning. I highly recommend this!
Do you enjoy fonude? Do you like cheese fondue or chocolate fondue better?
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