Trader Joes Curry Chicken Tenders

4 years ago

I made these for dinner very late Friday night. I think I may have subconsciously geeked myself out because Im super picky with chicken and I noticed they didnt pull that skin-lining that comes with chicken tenderloin. Im a super picky eater so I think seeing that just made me be like No thanks. So I guess thats more than likely why after I had made them I wasnt really hungry so I ended up eating an egg sandwich for dinner at like 10 oclock. ANYWAY! I cooked these up per package instruction in a pan with a little bit of olive oil. The bag stated 3-4 minutes on each side but thats truly not enough because your chicken would be raw in the middle (for the most part). I ended up cooking them longer; flipping and making sure they were cooked thoroughly.

I tried to have 3 ounces with a salad for dinner the following day and I swore it tasted weird. Ive never purchased organic free-range chicken, or anything but USDA Approved chicken my local grocery store sells. I cant quite say its really off in flavor because season-wise it wasnt bad but I just couldnt get into it. Then again when I have curry chicken I have Jamaican curry chicken which is made completely different. Sadly, perhaps my first TJs fail?

Have you tried any of Trader Joes seasoned meats?

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