Trader Joes Cookie Butter

4 years ago

I have to say I wasnt aware of what Speculoos Cookie Butter was until a month or so ago. Ive been introducing myself to Trader Joes items more and more and was going through a website (Whats Good at Trader Joes) to get ideas for things to pick up on my next TJs haul. I then saw a post on Instagram and LUUUX by Sue aaaaand to say anything less; I threw Cookie Butter on my list and picked it up later on in the week. I decided to try it with a piece of toast and fell in LURVE. I even made my boyfriend a piece of toast, put some on and he was in love as well. Its SUCH a unique flavor and the texture is similar to peanut butter but its slightly grittier. If you like gingerbread, youll like cookie butter. If you hate gingerbread, you wont like cookie butter.

So youre probably wondering what the heck if Cookie Butter if you havent tried it. Welllllllll . Cookie Butter is amazingness and Trader Joes is known for creating magic. Incase youre wondering, Speculoos are a Dutch gingerbread cookie. On a spoon/butter knife it resembles peanut butter, but its not oily. It scoops out of the jar with ease, kind of like softened butter in a butter tub. As I mentioned its got a little gritty texture but thats got to be the cookies ground up in it. Theyre finely milled so you wont choke on anything but I will say this stuff is AMAZINGLY delicious and addicting. Ive been making Cookie Butter sandwiches and incorporating different things into them. So far, Im hooked to one particular concoction which I will post about later.

Have you tried Cookie Butter?

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