Trader Joe`s Cocoa Drizzled Kettle Corn

4 years ago

best. snack. ever! the perfect combination of sweet and salty. it was love at first bite! well... the first bite was actually a little puzzling to me, but as the flavors combined in my mouth, it became very plain to me how much i was going to love this stuff. one bag is $1.99, and i would normally say that that is a pretty good price... except this bag lasted me two days LOL! there are definitely way more servings than two in this bag, but it`s so ridiculously good i gobbled it up way too fast.

i actually have been meaning to go back to TJ`s just to get another bag, but since i`m headed back to school soon, it doesn`t make sense to get another bag right now. i can always stop by TJ`s when i`m at school and get some anyways! and i know i will be doing that for sure. fingers crossed it isn`t a limited edition holiday item! i feel like i didn`t see these around until near the holidays, but i honestly don`t think i could live without this.

shout out to fellow luuuxer shannon for her post on these! when i saw these in the store, i thought of her glowing recommendation and made the purchase. i`m so glad i did!

does this sound like something you would try?

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