Trader Joe`s Candy Cane Joe-Joe`s

4 years ago

This is what the end product is when you morph an Oreo and a Candy Cane into one scrumptious cookie. These are Trader Joe`s Candy Cane Joe-Joe`s cookies. These are a seasonal thing and are on sale for $2.99. Taste wise, it`s got the cookie taste of an Oreo - just not as sweet, but the minty taste of a Girl Scouts Thin Mint. It`s very minty and the mintiness truly hits you after you`ve finished chewing it. Be forewarned, don`t take an immediate drink of something that does NOT mix with mint, or you`ll be undoubtedly grossed out (Crystal Light Fruit Punch does not mix well with these....). Nonetheless this doesn`t make these cookies any less than what they are -- yummy.

Have you tried these TJ`s cookies -- or if not, would you like to?

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