Trader Joe`s 100% Organic Carrot Juice

While grocery shopping at Trader Joes my boyfriend and I became extremely thirsty and we bought waters, juices and wines! When we got home, we immediately poured a glass each of this 100% Organic Carrot Juice! Although I don`t like carrot juice in general, I found this easier to drink compared to other carrot juices. I am not particular sure why, but I do so that`s good because carrots have great benefits especially for your eyes!

According to Trader Joe`s, this 32 ounce bottle is freshly pressed juice from 100% organically grown carrots from California`s Central Valley. (It takes about three and a half pounds of carrots to make just one 32 ounce bottle of juice!) Rich in beta carotene juice. Vibrant, orange-hued juice. Surprisingly sweet juice. Juice that`s refreshing and nutritious (an excellent source of vitamin A), with no added sugar or preservatives, and only 80 calories per serving.

Overall: For $3.99 - I think this is totally worth purchasing especially since carrots have a ton of health benefits. This will be added to my boyfriend and I`s weekly shopping list, a bottle of carrot juice!

Are you a fan of carrot juice? Any recommendations? Once in a while we juice but it`s very time consuming.

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