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Tpumps is quite a popular boba milk tea store in San Mateo. It was crowded when I was there 2 month ago. First impression was that it was so hot there, and small. I heard a lot of people talking about it and said it was good. I ordered Peach green tea with boba. I was kinda of confused when i was ordering. if i remember it correctly, the menu was either green milk tea or green tea ( okay, no problem i get that). Can always yelp it for menu... So I gave my order and told the guy, the cashier, I was new here because i was hoping he can help me. The guy just smiled and asked if i wanted milk in it. automatically, I said no. i just wanted what was on the menu " peach green tea" with boba. My best friend order Mango Green Milk tea with boba , again he asked if he wanted milk... in my head i was like its milk tea... isn`t it suppose to have milk? so my friends said yes. The guy asked " sweet ? or normal?" Normal my friend chose. Got the drinks. My friend`s drink looks good. Mine looks like green tea with flavor peach. And that is exactly how it tasted. My friend drink tasted nasty to me.. It was really milky. I guess better off without milk? i had high hopes for Tpumps to be good.... it wasn`t as great as I thought from hearing from others. Overall, it wasn`t anything special. I prefer quickly`s or Teaway.

* BTW, my name is SPELLED wrong. " gene "?

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