Totino`s Pepperoni Pizza Chips

4 years ago

I picked up this mini size bag (contains 2 servings) of Totino`s Pepperoni Pizza Chips at Wal-Mart when I last visited. The chips were near the check-out and they intrigued me -- so into the cart they went. I didn`t try them right away, but earlier this week I came home, was hungry and since we didn`t have anything up front for dinner I ended up eating my fair shade of these bad boys. They`re actually not bad. They smell like pepperoni pizza which is crazy to me. They have a pizza flavoring, but the chip flavor is also very pungent so the two together, gives you the idea of eating pizza, but the flavor and texture of the chips (they`re like a corn chip?) brings you back. I would pick them up again if I were hungry and wanted something quick to snack on. Then again pizza is one of my favorite foods and I do like pizza flavored chips.

Do you like pizza flavored chips?

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