Tosai Masala

hi again ! I`ve been eating this food for 2 days in a row 2 days ago and yesterday. I did not take a picture because It was take away so it was not plated on a stainless steel dish that is used in Indian restaurants or we call it "mamak" Most of these restaurants open 24/7 because we Malaysians love to eat Indian food. I think that love is an understatement as you have to live here to understand haha!!

Most people like to hangout at the local mamaks to watch football with friends, eat supper late night and eat affordable yet tasty food!! Tosai or dosa ( we malaysians don`t call it dosa because it means sin in malay ) is a fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. It is a staple food in most Southern Asia countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, Tosai is also popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Tosai on its own is very plain that why it has 3 side dishes, curry, dal and mint chutney (my favorite)

Do you love Tosai as much as I do? :D let me know

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