Torrid Haul from my trip to LA!

4 years ago

Torrid Haul from LA

Ive been posting a lot about my recent trip to LA: I took a trip to Los Angeles with my family for my cousins wedding this summer. I was last there in November and I was excited to go back.

Last time I was there, I was actually in town for Black Friday, which meant I got to do some awesome shopping. The US generally has much better options when it comes to shopping (totally unfair, but nothing we can really do) so I like to take advantage and get some cool stuff anytime Im south of the border.

Lucky for me, our hotel was just minutes away from the Glendale Galleria and the Americana, which means fantastic shopping opportunities :)

I have professed my love for many times on luuux through the countless hauls Ive posted, so I knew I would have to go visit the store during my trip since we dont have them in Toronto! I ended up going on a Tuesday morning during my visit and the mall was completely empty since everyone else was at work. The store was entirely empty except for me and the girl working there. I had one of the best shopping experiences of my life. The girl was so nice and she automatically understood my sense of style. I like unique sort of items, and bright colours.
I basically spent an entire 2 hours in the fitting room while she brought me items that she thought Id like. I swear I must have tried on the entire store!

One of the first things I noticed and immediately fell in love with was this beautiful maxi dress. It has colourful stripes along the skirt and a soft black cotton top. This is a perfect item for lazy summer days and backyard bbqs. I tried it on and immediately knew I needed to buy it!

One of the items the girl picked out for me was the purple one shoulder top. I had seen it on their website but I liked it a lot more in person. Its unique since it has a bubble hem, and the shoulder has an interesting detail with the beads, and the fact that it splits into 2 straps. I tried it one with these fantastic turquoise pants, but unfortunately, they didnt come in a tall size and were too short on me. I loved the colour of those pants, but I guess it wasnt meant to be. :(

Instead I did manage to find a simple Lite Brite t shirt on sale. (Do you remember Lite Brite, the toy with the colourful lights you used to make pictures?). I thought it was really cute, and while its a little too big, I will probably end up wearing it as a pj shirt on sleepovers or trips out of town.... It was $19.98 and I couldnt resist.

During the entire process of me trying on all these clothes, the salesgirl also brought me tons of shoes to try and match with my outfits. Of course, I would end up with 2 pink pairs of shoes LOL. The patent pink wedge was on sale for around 25 dollars, and the other pair with the thicker heel was around 35 dollars I believe. They are both super comfortable to walk in since the heels are a lot more stable.

I could have done a lot more damage, since I also tried on about a dozen pairs of jeans, but since my luggage was a little heavy, I tried to restrict myself. The 2 pairs of shoes were going to put me really close, so I was good, especially since this was the first store I had gone to!!! LOL

What do you think of my items?
Do you ever shop at Torrid?

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