Torrid Boot Haul (Pt.II) Cross border Buffalo Shopping

2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers,

My friend and I decided to head to Buffalo last week to do some cross border shopping, and I`m sharing the hauls from those trips now!

My last post was the first of 2 hauls from Torrid. Now, I`m back with the footwear that I brought home from Torrid.

As I mentioned in my last post, I actually took advantage of the Black Friday deals online that Torrid was having, but in order to save on shipping and customs fees, I decided to ship the order to a store in Buffalo, knowing my friend and I were planning a cross border shopping trip.

I actually ordered 4 different boots and a pair of heels with my order, knowing I would be able to immediately return any that didn`t work for me.

The heels I ordered were this great strappy platform pair with gold detailing. However, the straps were way too loose, which meant my foot was sliding too far forward. I was even considering having the shoes taken to a cobbler to see if anything could be done about the straps since I liked them so much - but in the end, my friend talked me out of it.

I did have many more boots to try on. I had ordered two heeled boots, and two flat ones for everyday.

The first flat one was a fold over combat boot with a back zip. It looked really cute in the box, but on my feet they looked a little too wide. The flaps on the side also stuck out which wasn`t a cute look. And because the zipper was in the back, it slid down a little as a walked. Overall, while I had high hopes, the details with this shoe didn`t work for me.

The other flat pair, is the over the knee pair in the picture (right). It is very similar to the pair I already have from Torrid, but it is taller and has gold detailing. I also like how this has an elastic back which allows it to wrap around my calf, so it`s doesn`t look too slouchy. I have a unique issue with boots - my feet are very large (size 12) but my calves are relatively narrow, which means most of the boots I buy end up being too loose, but this pair was perfect.

This was the problem with the next pair - it was a grey heeled pair. In the picture on the website, it looked like it also had an elasticized back, but when I tried them on, it was more like a stretchy fabric that was looking slouchy when I put them on. I had more than enough room to stick my entire arm in there! So that one also went back.

The last pair was a plain, black, knee-high pair, and as soon as a put them on, I knew I would take them. They are so comfortable despite the tall heel, and they fit very well. I liked how they fit over the knee, and they are nice and snug around my calf, which means I don`t have to worry about reaching down and hiking them up all evening. These were definitely a winner.

I definitely considered this a successful shopping trip, and I liked how I could be a bit more adventurous with my online shopping since I could easily make returns as needed :). Normally when I am ordered from south of the border I stick with items I know will work so I don`t have to deal with the hassle of returns, but this was an opportunity to try out some new items and see how well they work for me!

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