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So, along with being a very social girl who enjoys make up and shopping and parties, I`m secretly a little bit of a geek. So, I love online game and stuff. From when I was little I played Runescape and Kapi Regnum, and games like that. So a new game I just found and started today is called Torpia.

Right when you register you pick a side - Good or Evil. If you pick good you`re like a hard working honest person, making your money through trade and agriculture and stuff. Evil - You`re basically like a tyrant army leader who profits through looting and plundering other towns.

You`re building up your town, through stone quarries and stuff like that. It`s pretty fun. :)

So, if you like those types of games, I`d recommend signing up :) It comes with a fun little tutorial too, to help you get started! :D

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