Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply Nail Polish Haul

4 years ago

Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply Nail Polish Haul

I generally avoid going to salons and such to buy nail polish since they are so overpriced. I was browsing Yelp looking for a new beauty supply store since my favourite one nearby recently closed and discovered the Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply. They have a few locations including one downtown and one near Hillcrest Mall which is a little bit closer to where I am. I already went there once before, and decided to go back to check out some more polishes.

There were 2 girls working the cash, and as soon as I walked in they both greeted me and asked me if they could help me find anything. When I told them I was there to check out some nail polishes, they both took me through their racks, showing me the different brands and what was on sale.

The main polish I was hunting for was a light blue for my sister. She has been looking for a pastel-y, turquoise, Tiffany blue for a while and I decided to get one for her. I knew China Glaze had a shade my sister liked, so I walked in and asked them if they carried For Audrey. Luckily for me, they still had a few bottles, so I quickly picked one up for my sister. I spent the rest of the time browsing different polishes and trying to decide what to buy.
Besides helping me pick out shades, the girls at the counter also gave me a piece of clear tape to put on the back of my hand. This allows customers to try out different shades without messing up their existing manicures, and without making a mess. I think this is a great idea other stores should employ. I spent 40 minutes swatching different shades on the tape until I settled on some others I wanted to buy.

I was checking out the sale section when I noticed Lights from the Poppy-Razzi collection from Essie on sale for 4 dollars. Usually Essie is at least double that, so I knew I wanted to try it. Other than that, I noticed that they had my all time fav top coat, Seche Vite on sale for 6 dollars and even though I have my bottle at home, I thought it would be good to have a back up.
And as per usual, I got stuck looking at the mini polishes they had for sale. I love mini polishes since they let you try out a shade with less commitment, and often cost much less than a full bottle.

They have a huge tub of Essie and a huge tub of OPI minis which I was combing through.

I have noticed recently that my polish collection is lacking some nice purples, especially some darker purples that are more appropriate for the fall, so I decided to check some out. I couldnt decide between the two purples I picked from each tub so in the end I just decided to get both, since they were each around 2 or 3 dollars.

The Essie shade is called Sure Shot, but unfortunately the OPI minis generally dont have the names included, so Im not sure what shade it is. If anyone has any ideas what the name is, let me know!

The last thing I was able to grab was the magnet from China Glaze`s second Magnetix line! I have quite a few magnetic polishes at home, and this magnet allows you to make circles, a grid and vertical lines. It was on sale for $3.99 so I figured why not? :) I`m excited to try out the different shapes

Anyways, thats my nail polish haul this time....What do you guys think of the colours I picked out this time? Have you tried any of these shades that I picked up?

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