Top Ways to Prevent Your Jewellery from Tarnishing

4 years ago

Sterling silver is the whitest of white metals, and consequently, is exceptionally soft, even when jewellers alloy the hell out of it. The laborious polishing that goes into maintaining silver can wear away at the metal with time, obscuring any nice designs. How on earth do you protect your jewellery when its so gentle?
How Do Museum Exhibits Stay So Shiny? Those nifty museum curates protect the silver in their exhibits with a tarnish-shield. Good news is that the silver is sheltered from harmful and ugly tarnish, but the bad news for you is that this treatment is poisonous. You can still use it at home, but never on silver thatll come into contact with food (for example, serving platters). Tarnish and oxidation can sometimes be confused for one another but theyre actually separate. Tarnish is a nasty brown discolouration thats caused by neglect. Oxidation is actually forced on some jewellery as a dark grey design to make the item more aesthetically pleasing, but this process can also happen naturally, with time, whether you want it or not.
How Often Should I Wear My Silver Jewellery? Instead of keeping your jewellery under lock and key, wear it frequently. Its actually beneficial to don your favourite pieces on a regular basis as your body oils create a film of protection against tarnish. Just be mindful to take your jewellery off before you go in for a mineral spa or a dip in the local swimming pool - youll wish you left your bling at home, if you forget.
How Do I Clean My Silver? Using a professional cloth, you can gently shine up any silver items that you own. Go steady, as brisk polishing can lead to damage. Never use your rubber dish gloves to clean your silver, as the sulphur in these mitts is harmful to soft metal. Never use brushes as they scratch your silver. An old fashioned way to shine up your treasured possessions is to use soured milk. Dont rub down your silver afterwards but rinse in warm water and gently wipe dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using hard core silver cleaning solutions, as these will ultimately ruin your jewellery; especially if your necklaces, rings, and bracelets are studded with any gemstones.
How Should I Store My Silver? If youve got any silver dining ware then store it in a cupboard with some camphor blocks. This creates a protective atmosphere that fights off tarnish. Fine jewellery should be safely kept in sealable bags dont double up; store separately. Plated silver should never be wrapped in newspaper as the ink will eat off the special plating. is seeing a rise in popularity, so its more important now than ever to take good care of your expensive pieces. Either theyll be highly valuable heirlooms or have a greater worth in the future. Look after your silver jewellery! fashion

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