Top Ten Summer Trends

4 years ago

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I know this post is kind of late but i wanted to talk about the top ten summer trends.

1) Songpop App: This app is really fun and its a game about guessing songs against your friends or other players. The app is free and totally fun. Very fun game and I love it.

2) Chalk Dye: I think you guys know what i am talking about. You know the chalk hair dye method. Chalk hair dying is very fun and messy but its good because it can wash away with some soap and water. Their are many colors to choose from and its a fun way to add different color to your hair but not permanently.

3) Ed Sheeran: Ed Sheeran is a break out star and he has some great music. The A Team song is very fun and very great for those romantic nights. He also has some other songs that are very relaxing and he will be on Taylor Swift`s new album.

4) Mustaches: Mustaches are always in and they are totally fun and awesome. Some stores sell mustache accessories which are great if you wan to have a mustache. They have mustache stickers, cake tins, rings, necklaces, everything. Mustaches are a must.

5) Keek App: I have talked about this app so much and its really fun. So basically, the app is where you watch other videos and you can comment, like, or keekback a video to the person who made the video. Some stars like Ariana Grande, Austin Mahone and Victoria Justice use. Its just a like Twitter but in video form. The app is free on the app store.

6) Studded Clothes: Studs are in and everyone is studding there clothes. Studding was not very popular back then but now is the right time for studs. You can stud your clothes and its very easy and makes something boring into something new.

7) Cher Lloyd: Cher Lloyd is almost the new Britney. She released her hit single Want U Back and its all over the place. The song is very up beat and fun.

8) Jack Plug Accessories: Jack plug accessories are very in and I have been seeing them on Luuux lately. Headset Jacks are not only for headphones, they are also for accessories. Just plug an accessory in and make your phone or mp3 nice looking.

9) Magnetic Nails: Magetnetic nails are still new to the world but they are very cool and stylish. Its easy and cool too. They are several colors to choose from and who would not want cool nails.

10) Skull bracelets: Skull bracelets have been all over Luuux and they are pretty awesome. They add some texture to your arm candy and are very cool looking. You can get them anywhere now because they are so popular.

Which top ten trend is your favorite?

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