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Like a killer scarf or one-of-a-kind necklace, your nail color can be a key accessory. Whether you get your nails done at a beauty salon or DIY them at home, the key to the ideal mani/pedi is polish, polish, polish. And there`s really nothing like the feeling of freshly-lacquered nails (that is, unless you fish through your purse too soon and ding one of them; don`t you just hate that?).

Because we live in the age of instant gratification, we expect a lot from our polish. For starters, color choice is of the utmost importance: it has to speak to you, be in season and fitting for the event you might be heading off to. Beyond that, the color has to be a good value (read: long lasting and not too expensive) and look on your nails the same way it looks in the bottle. Plus, since we`re always looking for ways to slice time off our beauty routines, we also want our polish to dry super fast. Finally, it must be chip-resistant.

Think our standards are too high? Or can one polish really do all of these things? Our readers tried and tested many a polish to weed out the not so great ones from the gems, and here we deliver their top 10 best nail polish list.
No. 10: Lippmann Nail Lacquers , $19 Average Member Rating: 9*
Why it`s great: Readers agree that Lippmann nail lacquers are "polishes to pine for." Their favorite attributes? The formula, which "allows it to be applied thinly (no goop!) and the bottle/brush design, which prevents the application process from getting messy." Though the price of each bottle is steeper than some, polishers vouch that Lippmann lacquers "are well worth the investment." The color is rich and versatile, making you feel pampered every time you paint.
No. 7: OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer , $8 Average Member Rating: 9.1*
Why it`s great: Readers rave over this wild line of top coats, which adds an edgy twist to your static daily polish. Apply a top coat of OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer in a shade that contrasts with your current polish for a wicked cool effect that helps camouflage chipping or uneven polish. Readers love that OPI`s shatter lacquer dries lickety split, and gives nails an instant rock and roll edge. But one reviewer explains that since the polish dries so quickly, "you need to be quick as you paint. Use the flatter, wider side of the brush for the middle of your nail, and then use the thinner side to apply to both sides. Make sure you are using a thin coat! If you apply too much, you lose the effect."
No. 6: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel , $3.99 Average Member Rating: 9.2*
Why it`s great: The ultra affordable price tag isn`t the only thing to love about Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel. Reviewers appreciate the polish`s unique formula, which "remains pretty flexible and prevents it from chipping as easily as other polishes." Most readers report that their color lasts from 7 to 10 days before starting to chip. Users also adore the wide brush, which allows for quick, easy application and "distributes the color more evenly, without streaking." Some reviewers claim that Rimmel London`s color selection isn`t as diverse as some brands, but high praise goes to their Cherry Fashion and Steel Grey shades.

No. 5: Orly Manicure Miniatures , $3.99 Average Member Rating: 9.2*
Why it`s great: From kittens to Hershey kisses, everyone loves something tiny and cute, and Orly Mani Minis are no exception. Reviewers love the mongo-sized collection of colors to choose from, including everything from subtle hues like Country Club Khaki to funkier colors like Bubbly Bombshell. One reviewer summed up the general consensus about Orly Mani Minis perfectly: "Great variety of colors, nice wear time, good brush for minis. These would be great for traveling. Love the cute little bottles!"
No. 4: Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish , $20 Average Member Rating: 9.5*
Why it`s great: Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish may not be the easiest on your wallet, but reviewers give the product two well-manicured thumbs up. "This nail polish is expensive, but extremely high quality. They are consistently good," dishes one reader. "The application is like butter." Another reviewer expressed that RBL polish is also extremely well pigmented: "nearly opaque in one coat, perfect in two!" The best part? These high-end polishes come in a medley of gorgeous, super unique colors; reader favorites include army greens, like No More War and Locavore, as well as subtle nudes, like Plie and Grunge.
No. 3: CND Shellac , $16 Average Member Rating: 9.6*
Why it`s great: All reviewers agree: CND Shellac lasts forever. Seriously, forever. "I`ve opened soda cans, done housework, and my manicures have held up," one reader raves. "The only reason why I need to get them done again every 2-3 weeks is because of the nail growth at the cuticle line." Although some users wish the color selection were a little broader, all vouch for CND Shellac`s super speedy drying time and "new car shiny" finish. The only major con is, unless you buy a UV light machine, you`ll most likely have to visit a salon for the highest quality results with CND Shellac. But for the mani/pedi junkies out there, this gush-worthy brand may be your new best friend.
No. 2: Essie Luxeffects Glitter Top Coat , $3.99 Average Member Rating: 9.6*
Why it`s great: Our database of polishers confirm that these top coats "are wonderful for adding a little pizzaz to manicures." One reader explains, "You can wear these on top of any polish in your collection. They are great for an accent nail, glittery French tips, faded sparkles at the top or bottom of your nails or just all over." The glitter effect can also help conceal any chips or bumps in your polish. Readers` favorite shades include A Cut Above and Pure Pearlfection. These Essie coats are also reported to apply well, dry quickly, and last a long while before chipping or peeling. Plus, at $3.99 a bottle, springing for a shade can`t really be a mistake.
No. 1: Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat , $30 Average Member Rating: 9.8*
Why it`s great:Reviewers give Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat, nicknamed the "suit of armor" for your nails, 0.2 points short of a perfect 10. This gel coat is a "must have for healthy nails," helping them to grow long and strong. "I have struggled forever with peeling nails that would never grow," one reader reports. "This product strengthens my nails to the point that I now I have to trim my nails because they get TOO long!! What a nice problem!" Although this isn`t exactly a traditional nail polish, the best-kept secret is that "one coat of Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat makes your nails look like you`ve had a professional French manicure." The formula "brightens and whitens tips and makes nail beds look super rosy and healthy." Who needs a bottle of wildly colored polish when all it takes it one coat of Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat to make your nails look strong and professionally painted?

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